Mako 3 Fundraiser discs are here!

              SOLD OUT
2013 St. Patrick’s is pleased to announce the arrival of Innova’s First Run of the Mako3.
Discs are 15.95 each plus 3.00 for shipping. Calif residents pay sales tax. For ordering info email at [email protected] or call at 916.624.7200
mako3 2 mako3 1The Champion Mako3 is built for straight shots to the pin with extra sweet glide on the side. With one of the best feeling rims, it is a precision instrument on the course.  The Mako 3 is a touch faster than the Mako, yet still exhibits the characteristics of the original: smooth flights and a subtle finish.   The new blend of Champion plastic is beautiful and feels even better than it looks. The Mako3 in thee new “candy-like” plastic is sure to add some sugar to your game.

Innova Flight Numbers…..  5/5/0/0

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